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Hash Trash: 1814

Hares: Balls Squared, Missing MacGonnegal

Hounds: King Doughnut, Saggy old sack, Hen likes fish, Top off, Levers it in, Likes a hot flow, Toss my monkey, Poseur, Rock hard wood, Load of hot air, Becca, Big drippy sausage, No sausage for me thanks, Plays with herself, Kirsty, James, Matt, and the one I am missing - who are you?


25th January. A special day in the calendar. Chinese New Year, Welsh Valentines day and Burns Night. We chose to celebrate the latter. With hashers making their way up to Garden Cottage to honour the late Robbie Burns the tents started to pop up on the lawn and the smell of food filled the air.

With Camp set up fairly quick we decided we should do some resemblance of a hash. So up to the water catchment on breakneck which is undergoing a clear and recovery with the vegetation being removed, we went and down to the closed off tunnel which cuts its way through Green Mountain. Tunnel observed it was back to the camp grounds to begin celebrations.

As drinks appeared the conservation lot decided to do a forward rolling completion on the lawn, some more skilled than others. An impressive 10 person pyramid was made but someone forgot to press record on the gopro. Children worn out the feast began. Haggis, Neeps and tatties along with other random dishes were served.

The toast to the haggis was said and washed down with a shot of Whiskey. Food was eaten then a toast to the lassies was given by our very own Scot as well as a history lesson on Robbie Burns. Next was the toast to the laddies with various ladies chipping in.

Bellys full it was best have a rest or a competition. The now traditional game for a hash camp out was the cereal box game. You have to pick up a cereal box in your mouth and only have feet touching the floor. Each round it gets smaller until all is left is a scrap of flat card. I won't say who won but I think third place is the real winner.

As the night grew on campers slowly headed for tents, bellys full and happy


Quote:  ''Some hae meat and canna eat, and some wad eat that want it, but we hae meat, and we can eat, sae let the Lord be thankit'' The Bard


Next Weeks' Hash: Hash No 1815

Hare:  Missing MacGonnegal


Place: Museum car park - Fort Hayes Apres

Time:  4:30 PM Cost £3 or $5

Bring a plate of eats

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